We embarked on this journey in 1977...

RUBA which has been established in İzmir in 1977 and entered to world of apparel in Turkey as a small workshop with the slogan "Only Male Trousers", continues as a brand with high quality standards and specialized in its field with original designs and patterns and creating passion.

Today, RUBA continues to carry out production in Sarnıç, İzmir within its modern manufacturing site established on an area of 4800 square meters manufacturing its trousers which have the best cup sizes in Turkey in the hands of an expert with the skills of a tailor and in superior quality standards.

Fabrics and accessories used in the manufacture of RUBA trousers are procured from the companies carrying out the highest quality production across the globe and it is particularly careful in these fabrics and accessories having high quality standards.

RUBA Pantolon meets with the consumers in prestigious boutique stores located in more than 500 different retail points across Turkey. 13 of these stores are Turkey's first concept trouser stores selling RUBA products.